Thursday, July 27, 2006

So when did Beck start sounding like Prince?

Recently I've been enjoying my free playlists at I love this site and I love the fact that they really are trying to bring more indy music to their customers. A month or so ago I requested that Heather Duby be added. I received a prompt response saying that they have received over 40,000 requests recently, but they will try to get to it. Within a month Heather's latest album (released on July 18th) was selected and now I get a "dube" song almost every time I listen. Oh, and speaking of Heathery Duby, she rocked hard last week at the Triple Door in Seattle! Anyone else see that show? It was so dramatic during their set-up when they brought out the grand piano! I only wish she played longer!

Ok that brings me to addressing my title - The song "Debra" by Beck just came on Pandora. I could have sworn it was Prince - such an interesting sound for Beck. Lucky me - I like Prince too so this song was right up my alley!

I've been working on all kinds of knitting projects lately...

Let's see... WIP #1 - denim baby pants from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I have both legs done - I just need to join them together and start knitting in the round. They will be done before I know it! (You get to see the book pic since I don't think showing two legs are too interesting!)

WIP #2 - Trellis scarf - a Decidedly Hilltop pattern. I have a love/hate relationship with this scarf. I've knit the bottom 1/4 of this scarf three times (operator error...) and just when I hit my stride I had the MOTHER of all dropped stitches and with this lace pattern I will have to unknit quite a ways down to catch it. On the brighter side, the COPA is lovely to knit with and is nicely complimented by the Kid Silk Haze. I can't wait unil it's properly blocked. Too bad it's not for me - this will be on display at the yarn store!

WIP #3 - Hobo bag - another Decidedly Hilltop pattern. I'm in the home stretch here. I'm just working on the strap. Then it needs seaming, felting and grommets. This has been my "car" project for a few months now. It scares me how much time I waste in traffic when I see this giant bag coming to fruition. (Don't worry folks - I only knit at train crossings, bridge openings and in the occasional hopeless jam!)

WIP #4 - the Perdita bracelet in Knitty. This is such a fun little knit. What a great idea to make something out of embriodery floss! I'm working on the "Lilac" pattern - I started in black, but realize that's not the smartest choice for the lacy pattern so I switched to a bold grass color and am liking it much better - pics soon!

Today feels like a movie/knitting day - at least until the sun starts burning away the Seattle morning clouds. Instead, I'm off to work... sigh!