Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year

I created this blog one year ago today. Do you see my archives? That's right - there are none! I orchestrated several elaborate entries and then found them unworthy to be published. Well, no longer - I'm diving in head first with a write-along ring for knitters - the 2006 ABC-along. Turns out sometimes the only way I can get things done is to be held accountable for it in one way or another, so here goes...

A is for Antiques. I'm scouting for an antique(ish)(or even "gently used" all wood) bookcase to put in my craft room. In my adult life most of the furniture I've purchased has been previously owned. I like this. A lot. This table is my favorite "score", although there have been a few others. (The rug below was purchased new - wah! But the most special things in the house were either purchased via estate sale, auction or are family heirlooms).

Eventually I will write "A Hundred Things About Me", but for new I'll just give you a preview:

In no particular order...

1) I moved to the city to get away from a one-stoplight town.
2) You can take me out of the country, but you can't take the country outta' me!
3) I'm very organized, but sometimes quite messy (maybe a bookshelf will help...)
4) I work at an invention studio that specializes in toys and games
5) I rarely play games at home
6) I've been married for four years (almost - my anniversary is 02-02-02)
7) We're dinks (double income, no kids)... squared!
8) That means we both have two jobs (our careers and p/t hobby jobs)
9) I work PT at a yarn store. It RAWKS!
10) I haven't taken photos of anything I've knit (or crocheted)... YET!

More to come!

Happy New Year!