Thursday, November 01, 2007


Please remember to exercise your rights as an American and VOTE! Head to the polls or mail in your ballots on/before Tuesday, Nov. 6th. Washington residents, give yourself plenty of time to wade through that voter pamphlet... BTW - the picture is right - I do give my endorsement of Sally Clark!

November Already?

Nary a stitch has been made in these parts lately - however a whole lotta yarn dyeing has been going on. Ms. B - yours is coming - I promise I haven't forgotten. I took your request for Red Mill seriously!

It seems strange that I haven't really announced the opening of my etsy shop on my knitting blog - so... here goes! It's OPEN! Come visit! There are two ways to find me:
1) go to my website:
2) visit my ETSY shop

My creation
I must say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has given me the encouragement I needed to keep going. Haven't tried Hazel Knits yet? To tempt you, here's what some customers have said...

And this lady:

I can't say enough to thank her for this post and this post. As you can imagine, a mention on the Yarn Harlot is like the Oprah Touch. The best way I can think of to thank her for giving my little company was a boost is to help support her favorite cause. A portion of the proceeds of all etsy sales of Sailor's Delight will go towards her favorite charity, MSF or Doctors Without Borders. The fund from Hazel Knits is nearing $100 - and for most of the month of October the shop was bare of Sailor's Delight. Now that I'm caught up and able to keep the shop stocked, I'm looking forward to seeing the donation number skyrocket!

I don't want to turn this site into a marketing tool for my yarns, so if you're curious about new colors or what's going on in the Hazel Knits world, just follow the sidebar links to the shop.

In other non-knitting related news, we had a birthday here and Flynno got is favorite cake. The Costco bakery made sure we knew what kind it was.

On Monday we carved pumpkins...

and Chris and Rach totally scared us with their costumes.

CJ brought his new cheetah cat, Zulu

and Tiffany brought some snacks.

Flynno and NayNay didn't follow the "pre-scooping" rule so they were banished to the deck

and Martina tackled a pumpkin almost as big as her.

I made soup for 15 hungry guests (um, I mean I heated soup - thanks Costco!) and somehow was still standing (and even laughing!) at 11:00pm.

It was great to see you guys!
Another thing that brightened my day on Monday was this fun card from Wende.

It totally scared me! Have you been to her shop lately? There some big treasures there!

Knitting content to come soon - Tomorrow night I have to finish up a mini sock for a sock class I'm teaching at Hilltop East and I blocked out Saturday night to knit with the Hilltop West girls. On Sunday afternoon I'm meeting up with an old friend who started a little knitting group. My fingers are itchin!