Thursday, July 27, 2006

So when did Beck start sounding like Prince?

Recently I've been enjoying my free playlists at I love this site and I love the fact that they really are trying to bring more indy music to their customers. A month or so ago I requested that Heather Duby be added. I received a prompt response saying that they have received over 40,000 requests recently, but they will try to get to it. Within a month Heather's latest album (released on July 18th) was selected and now I get a "dube" song almost every time I listen. Oh, and speaking of Heathery Duby, she rocked hard last week at the Triple Door in Seattle! Anyone else see that show? It was so dramatic during their set-up when they brought out the grand piano! I only wish she played longer!

Ok that brings me to addressing my title - The song "Debra" by Beck just came on Pandora. I could have sworn it was Prince - such an interesting sound for Beck. Lucky me - I like Prince too so this song was right up my alley!

I've been working on all kinds of knitting projects lately...

Let's see... WIP #1 - denim baby pants from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I have both legs done - I just need to join them together and start knitting in the round. They will be done before I know it! (You get to see the book pic since I don't think showing two legs are too interesting!)

WIP #2 - Trellis scarf - a Decidedly Hilltop pattern. I have a love/hate relationship with this scarf. I've knit the bottom 1/4 of this scarf three times (operator error...) and just when I hit my stride I had the MOTHER of all dropped stitches and with this lace pattern I will have to unknit quite a ways down to catch it. On the brighter side, the COPA is lovely to knit with and is nicely complimented by the Kid Silk Haze. I can't wait unil it's properly blocked. Too bad it's not for me - this will be on display at the yarn store!

WIP #3 - Hobo bag - another Decidedly Hilltop pattern. I'm in the home stretch here. I'm just working on the strap. Then it needs seaming, felting and grommets. This has been my "car" project for a few months now. It scares me how much time I waste in traffic when I see this giant bag coming to fruition. (Don't worry folks - I only knit at train crossings, bridge openings and in the occasional hopeless jam!)

WIP #4 - the Perdita bracelet in Knitty. This is such a fun little knit. What a great idea to make something out of embriodery floss! I'm working on the "Lilac" pattern - I started in black, but realize that's not the smartest choice for the lacy pattern so I switched to a bold grass color and am liking it much better - pics soon!

Today feels like a movie/knitting day - at least until the sun starts burning away the Seattle morning clouds. Instead, I'm off to work... sigh!


Blogger Tim of Suburbia said...

I'm trying to get Pandora fans to stop by my station sharing Crispy News site.

If you've generated a good station or two, go ahead and post it! Check out what others are listening to as well.


5:39 PM  

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