Sunday, June 10, 2007

The rain dance gave me this...

We got grass! I apologize to all of the Seattlites who have been missing the 80 degree weather we had a couple of weeks ago. That just happened to be the week after we planted the lawn. (Yeah, we got a late start. eek!) I shudder to think about what our water bill will be like.

The timing (of massive water consumption) is a little weird since Flynn just completed his certification program at UW in the LEED program. An important topic in the class was water conservation. Hmmm.... We do have our rain barrels installed though (and they are full) so we'll use that to water all of the surrounding plants this summer. For the next week we hope for moderate temperatures. As soon as the grass gets established (after this summer) we'll just let it die back somewhat in the hot months. Seems like a pretty typical thing to do in our area - much more the norm than keeping a bright green lawn.

Last night was a much needed girls night out. A few of my girls have recently gone through some tough break-ups so it was nice to leave all that behind for the night and get dressed up and go out. Pre-funk at Sara's in Fremont and din-din at El Camino. Isn't everyone looking smokin'?!
I have no idea why I'm all hunched over in this picture!

In knitting news I...

  • finished an M's Fever sock for a shop model;

Here's Daphne,"the patron Saint of Sock Knitters and Bicyclists" with the M's Fever sock (courtesy of Kat's blog)

  • finished a mate-less toe-up that I've been wearing nearly every day (with a black Adidas sport sock on the other foot);
(This picture is turned funny! Whoops! Oh and the blur! Shield your eyes!)

  • and started a pair of Jaywalkers.

I've stalled on the other toe up - mostly because the second ball of yarn looks like this:

Not cool. And totally my fault. Until I get the gumption to detangle this bad boy, I'm not sure I want to continue on the first one. Sigh.

I made a little progress on the cantaloupe sweater at knit-night last week, but then promptly set it aside for more sock knitting.

Finally, there's Ravelry.

I'm totally digging this genius tool. My dilemma is, do I include this gift that Grandma sent me in my Ravelry stash? What to do with vintage Orlon acrylic yarn? And there is a lot of it. Now I understand Tracy Ullman meant about the acrylic yarn in her opening lines of Knit 2 Together.



Anonymous s t a c i said...

Oh - you're making me miss Seattle! I used to live in an adorable apartment on 45th and Fremont. What a great neighborhood. Looks like you guys had fun!

7:00 AM  
Anonymous Wende said...

I think the definition of a successful evening is when socks end up on people's head. I read that somewhere!

As for the orlon... good luck. :D

9:54 AM  
Blogger Knittymuggins said...

Hope your grass is doing well! With all the rain we've been getting up north, I assume you've got some too to get a good jumpstart before summer is in full swing :) Looks like all you gals had a fun night together & love the M's socks! Sorry for all your knots :( I had one of those too recently, though maybe not quite as bad, so I can feel your pain! Hope it works out :)

2:24 PM  
Blogger bockstark.knits said...

Hey, just wanted to say hi and that picture of the tangled up yarn made me cringe! I had one like that and it seemed like it took me for-ev-er to get it untangled. And oooohhh shop model socks, so gorgeous!

12:09 PM  
Blogger Dharmafey said...

Oh, I do love me some socks--nice! Good luck with the yarn snarl. Meditation tool?

11:55 AM  
Blogger Babs said...

There's a woman who is looking for solid colored acrylic yarn to make toys for her babie's b-day in October. Check out this post

and you can email the owner, and ask her for the address to send it too. I'm feeling stupid 'cause I sent out a box of acrylic and left out a hank I had lying around. Maybe you could help spread the word via your blog? I posted about it, hoping that this woman would be able to get what she needs. Thanks.

11:42 AM  

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