Saturday, September 01, 2007

Where were you last night?

We were.... HERE!

Awwwwww Yeeeaaahhh! A perfect way to kick off Labor Day weekend! Wish I had pics, but we were too chicken to try and sneak in the camera. Apparently we are not the "walk-the-line" rule breakers we *think* we are. Of course, the second we were inside the gates we immediately regretted not trying to bring the contraband over. The band played super tight (I don't think the drummer stopped smiling the whole concert - of course, we only knew that through the giant video screens) - the weather was perfect. And to think - we almost gave these tickets up. Pshaw.

On the way there I did a little work on a resurrected UFO - my goal is to finish up them up today (we have another car ride) and get them ready to be gifted.

The original intended receiver for these is just about walking (yeah, it's an old UFO) but fortunately babies are abundant these days so it will be easy to find a new little bambino to give these to.

This morning I reorganized my stash (in a frenzied search for missing circular needles.) I pulled out all of my UFOs to catalog for Ravelry (I'm at knittlesticks, yo). There aren't as many as I thought (yay) however, there are two projects that I am considering UFO's even though they have been frogged down to the yarn balls. I still want to make these projects so I hope if I count them in my tally some progress might be made. I'll be airing out my dirty laundry (so to speak) this weekend. If I get bold enough I may even post it here. Whoa. Cyber-accountability. Gotta think about this a bit more. BTW - I never did find my circs. And I know they are not on projects. It's as if they just vanished into thin air. Currently I'm looking for my #5 x 24" turbos and #7 x 24 turbos. Seen 'em? Damn! Me neither!

This would be a good lead in to a little project I've been thinking about for a while. A couple of months ago Wende and I were lamenting about our messy beyond messy craft spaces.

Right about the same time Storables was launching their on-line store (I have a not-so-secret love affair with Storables!) and so I approached them about running a contest / organizing make-over for crafters. They are interested in teaming up. The project will most likely be some sort of coupon for certain craft specific projects, a photo contest, tips and ideas from the Storables pros and a grand prize for the best make-over with some smaller prizes in between. This would be the perfect time to get spaces ready for the chilly days of winter crafting ahead! I'm sorting out some details and ideas and would love any ideas you have.

Finally, the cutest cuppa noodles ever...

The pigs were cute, but not bacon flavored.


Anonymous Wende said...

Keep me posted on the craft space thing--I'm almost done cleaning, but have a LONG way to go with organizing. Oof.

As for the cup of noodles, darling! :D

2:58 PM  
Blogger Knittymuggins said...

OMG! *Love* the little piggies! I'll look for you on Ravelry (I'm "Knittymuggins"). Heeeeeey - my "craft" space a.k.a. desk, looks like that too :) Hope you're doing well!

7:16 PM  

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