Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hotdogs, Peanuts and $8 Beers

What else could that be but Stitch n Pitch? It seems like I've been gearing up for this event for a while. 60+ pairs of Hometeam Sock Yarn, a newly designed hat pattern and knitting up a bench warmer pillow for Hilltop East kits.

Now that it's game day and I'm a little uninspired on what to take to the game. I really should take a WIP like my Montego Bay Scarf or my other toe-up sock. Or maybe the Jaywalker. Oh, the list goes on. However, what I'd really like to do is cast on for another pair of Hooray for Me gloves. I knit my first pair of these at the first annual Stitch n Pitch. They were fun to knit and I loved them. Then I lost them. Hmmm... decisions, decisions.

While I'm thinking about this, I'll give you these to look at:

Pillow before:

Two stockinette panels attached together with an applied I-cord:

And a little crocheted appliqué:

All felted and stuffed:

Easy peasy. My first design was a charted intarsia pattern. Then I got nervous about the felting and the fact I didn't really have time to do a test run. If the felting made the chart all wonky I'd be screwed. So I settled on appliqué. The second design was appliqués all over the pillow, but then I realized it would be all bumpy on your tushy. So, I settled for plain and simple. When I have more time (perhaps for Seahawks) I'll redesign this to have a handle and bench warmer blanket. But not anytime soon. I've had it with stockinette for a while.

It's a little hard to tell in this picture - the grass is out of control. Um, yeah. A little learning curve for our first "adult" lawn. Both Flynn-o and I grew up with massive lawns that we had to mow. The difference is back then we got PAID for mowing the grass (oh, the days - $5 for the front yard, $3 for the back yard. If I saved all summer I could get NIKES for school.) Anyway, Flynn-o has been the grass keeper this summer. After he left for CT it rained for a week straight and the warmed up quickly. And the grass grew and grew. I tried mowing it yesterday and the reel mower is so not going to cut it (um, literally). I need to come up with plan B - and soon. If this jungle exists when Flynn-o gets home, I've got a little 'xplainin' to do!

Ok, the pictures are over and no decisions on what to take to the game. Guess I'll have to surprise... myself!


Anonymous tiennie said...

That's a cool pillow! Have a great time!

1:52 PM  
Blogger Knittymuggins said...

Love love love the pillow!! And you were worried about your lawn growing! Here's a thought: When Flynn comes home just greet him out back wearing nothing but a smile and he'll never even notice the lawn ;)

9:56 PM  

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