Monday, April 30, 2007

Letters and Treats!

The back yard "remodel" saga continues - we've whittled down the 11 cubic feet pile of compost (er, manure) down to about 2 cubic feet. We still can't park in the driveway and our front yard smells like a big pile of doo, but we're getting there, wheel barrow full by wheel barrow full.

Two very important and special things to report are the arrival of my letter swap letter from the lovely Karen (in Texas) and my Secret Pal treats from another lovely Karen (in Ohio). What are the odds that two Karens' were assigned to be my buddies!

First, the letter. What a special thing to find a handwritten letter in your mailbox. Sure, I knew it was coming, but it made me feel like a kid again. Thanks Karen - I love, love the charms - what a thoughtful surprise!

It's hard to see in the photo (drat, breeze!) - the charms say: unite, create and wish. I think my jolly buddha buddy approves!

Next up my extra special knitter's exchange treats from Karen in OH. I have been wanting to get my hands on some of this Cider Moon yarn. It's so squishy and soft! Just days before the package arrived I had been admiring the Cider Moon on Karen's blog (after following the Cider Moon link.) What a co-inky-dink! Of course the chocolates went down the hatch in record time (and Karen, I didn't hide them soon enough!) and the bee bar - oh, it makes my hands so silky smooth! What a wonderful gift. Thank-you, Thank-you!!

Off to read my Real Simple...


Blogger Karen said...

I'm so happy you are enjoying your gifts, Wendee! That is funny that you read my blog via Cider Moon's... small (knitting) world.

5:59 PM  
Anonymous wende said...

Ok, I'm going to ooh and ah, even though I have NO idea as I'm not a knitter. :D

Happy May Day, Wendee!!

9:45 PM  

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