Monday, April 02, 2007

Final stages

We are finally in the last stages of the garage remodel. This has been a long, hard road - the little "adding insulation" project morphed into a major remodel that entailed re-plumbing the entire house, building new walls, moving the washer and dryer to a new room and building a dye studio. My, how projects grow. However, now I can finally wipe away that last layer of drywall dust from every horizontal (oh my - and vertical) surface of the house and enjoy. Sadly, no big unveiling pics as there is a lot of menial tidying up to do... just a snapshot of the final stages of drywall dust hell.


Anonymous Wende said...

Look how skinny you are! :D

Can't wait to see the final project. If this photo was mine--it'd be paint not dust on that chair. :D

3:22 PM  

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