Monday, March 26, 2007

A few days ago Lolly asked her readers about their favorite acrylic yarn or acrylic yarn project.

This was my response:

"I started off as a yarn snob from the get go - yet I’ve really grown to appreciate some of the acrylic and acrylic blends out there. My LYS (and employer - Hilltop Yarn East) just received some Dark Horse - I haven’t given it a go yet, however it feels quite soft - and not squeaky.

A few years ago I purchased a knitted hat from a local artists’ co-op. I gladly shelled out 38 bucks for it - so soft and the colors blended together so subtly and lovely. And it fit perfectly. A few years later when the LYS decided to carry a few choices of Lion Brand did I realize it was Homespun. I always appreciate giving my business to knitters… but $38 for a single rib stitch Homespun hat? Oh my! Yet, even armed with that knowledge I still loved and treasured the perfect hat.

Regretfully, I lost the hat in a hat-on-the-lap-in-the-car / get-out-of-the-car-not-realizing-the-hat-is-on-the-lap episode (I went back and searched for it.) I sort of forgot about that until now. Perhaps it’s time to get myself a ball of Homespun and start fresh! The blue/grey/teal colorway is perfect for Project Spectrum!"

Here's a picture of that hat - taken from a time before I knit (note the crappy fleece scarf...) BTW - I cast on for my very first scarf on that trip - made from Crystal Palace Labrador in a light blue color. I still wear it!


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