Monday, February 26, 2007

Portland Recap - short and sweet!

First the haul from the Portland weekend. Although I held my wallet close I ended up with some real gems.

The Haul

The cap is from Seaplane in the NW district of Portland. I could have dropped a whole paycheck there! Flynno spotted the hat first and said if I didn't buy it for myself he would get it for me. Seriously, what's wrong with me that I flashed my cash. I should have let the hubby treat me. Next time...

The green yarn is from Knit-Knot. It is a blend of 60% wool and 40% recycled Sari Silk. 175 yards for $10. Plus Oregon has that no-sales-tax thang. Love that.

I also visited the Yarn Garden which was a little overwhelming. They did have everything, yet I came out empty handed. Finally we made it over to the Alberta Street district and visited the delightful Close Knit. I adore this little shop. The ladies there were super nice and their selection was great. I picked up the lovely red mohair there - and what a deal. 660 yards, naturally dyed with cochineal for $19. By Catherine Van Laake, Loom in Essence Atelier line. (sorry no website) I'm looking forward to winding this up and working with it. Close Knit is right next door to BOLT - a fabric store. I'd like to spend a little more time there on a weekday when it is less busy.

Oh, and the knee socks came from some Imelda's.

On the knitting front, I handily completed the fruit cap on the way down. This is my first go-gift for babies. So quick and easy and cute! The pattern suggests mini-bobbles for the pink (raspberry) cap but I didn't like them. I tried the small ones and some a bit bigger and they were just cluttery so I made it plain. Here it is blocking on some bowls I found in the cupboard of our motel room:
Fruit Cap

Pattern: Fruit Cap, Ann Norling
Yarn: Karabella Aurora 8
Needle: Size 6 - a little smaller than this yarn wants however when it is wet blocked it is perfect.

A valiant effort was made on the burp rag, yet now I'm back home and I still have a few more rows to go. I'll send it down when it's done.

Cotton burp cloth - Mason Dixon Knitting pattern
Pattern: Burp Cloth, Mason Dixon Knitting
Yarn: Lily Sugar and Cream - pink and orange worsted cotton

Finally, a few shots of our motel room. We stayed at the Inn at Northrup Station. It was recommended to us by a customer at Hilltop Yarn. She even gave me her card so I could get the corporate rate with her company. It was SWEET! I love boutique hotels. I HIGHLY recommend staying here if you are headed to Portland. It is close to everything and right on the light-rail line.

The Inn at Nortrup Station, PortlandThe Inn at Nortrup Station, Portland
The Inn at Northrup StationThe Inn at Northrup Station, Portland

Enjoy your day!


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