Friday, February 23, 2007

Flynno and I are heading down to Portland for a little shopping and R & R. We've been planning the trip for a couple of weeks now, yet this morning he springs some news on me.
Him: We're going to swing over to Drew and Hannah's on Sunday.
Me: YAY! I haven't seen them in forever. What are they up to?
Him: Well, you know Hannah is 7 months pregnant.
Me: Oh riiiight! (note: I did find out about this back in October...)
Him: We need to bring something for the baby. Do you think you can knit up a hat or something.
Me: Um... Um... Hell Yeah!

Nothing like a last minute challenge so into the stash I go. And while I was there I found a blank onesie. Freezer paper stencil time. The plan is to make a fruit cap hat (mostly tonight) and if I get it done quickly I'll shoot for a crazy pink/orange cotton burp cloth (in Mason/Dixon Knitting) on the ride down to Portland. Wish me luck!
baby gift

Here's some other eye candy:

ROCI board interview

My hubby sat in board reviews last week to become a commissioned officer in the Coast Guard. He'll still be a reservist however this will land him a better retirement package and put his awesome leadership skills to task. Wish him luck! (I wish he wouldn't be so serious in uniform pics. Smile, dammit!)

Finally, Happy Chinese New Year. Last Sunday morning at midnight we had a great fireworks display in our neighborhood. I made some ginger cookies for our next door neighbor, who was born in China. His family fled to Vietnam when he was just a baby in the 50's and then he was a refugee to the US in the late 70's. He is such a gentle, interesting man. By far, the best neighbor I've ever had!
Chinese New Year

(PS - Did I mention I was born in the year of the boar/pig? This is so going to be my year!)


Blogger Duchess said...

Luck Luck Luck to you and to your DH.

I have a little nephew on the way, I think I will be trying my had at freezer paper stenciling as well!

Enjoy Portland.

2:02 PM  

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