Saturday, December 02, 2006

A whole slew of projects

CAVEAT - I wrote this post out last week, but never posted! Whoops - that's why the date is off!

Even though I've been absent from blogging, I sure haven't been absent from crafty pursuits! Tonight is the 4th annual Macha Monkey holiday auction (Monkey See, Monkey Buy - I designed this poster for the 2nd auction - I'm so pleased it has been incorporated into the annual event!) I committed myself to two crafty projects to the auction and I put off finishing them until the very last moment... On Wednesday evening I lugged my sewing machine into work to finish everything off. Good thing my boss stayed late that night too - he was kind enough to model for me.

The domestic diva package
This apron was started several months ago. I didn't know how to put the seam binding on around the corners, but thanks to the instruction of the Duchess' sewing mentor I was able to finish this up. I followed a pattern for this (even though it could have probably been done freehand) and when I make this again I will definitely make it shorter. I love the fabric. Here's a closer pic:

And here is the finished set:

Prior to finishing up the apron I had a little disagreement with my sewing machine. (some tension problems - operator error, whoops!). I had some doubts that I was going to be able to finish the apron so I switched gears and put together an Odessa. I already had the yarn and the beads so this was a great knit in a pinch.


This picture was also taken at work - you can see our production area below.

And finally the last auction item:


These are lavendar sachets to go with some lavender laundry soap. I give this gift every year.

All the goodies packed up.



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