Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Where does the time go?

I'm back from a no-good-reason hiatus. Hello again! There has been knittage! First, I present two ballband warshrags for the Hilltop contest.

I whipped these babies out in record time (well, for me) but my attention was soon diverted to Ariann.

Oh, Ariann, I have a crush on you!

And close-up, just for you, Saltwater Purls!

For this photo I probably stretched this out a wee bigger than it will be when blocked . I think my yarn overs look looser than the sample on Bonne Marie's page - and looser than some of the others showing up on the KAL. Still, my gauge is fine so I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that this fits. If anything, it will end up a bit big (I think) and I'd rather have that than too tight. I'm really enjoying working with this yarn and I am loving this heathered "spruce" color in Rowan Kid Classic. I'm only one skein of 7 into it, so I've got a ways to go...

Next, is the one-skein Alchemy scarf from the most gorgeous colorway...

This picture makes it look like some weird stocking. I'll have to find a more suitable place to take the finished shot. Oh, and the flash photography really doesn't do this yarn justice.

Tomorrow you get to see pictures of the massive yard project we've been working on.



Blogger Saltwater purls said...

Thanks for the closeup! My Adriann appears to be kntting up tighter...I think because it is so big (so many stitches on the needle). I am taking a little enforced break because it is causing a little RSI on my wrists...using a weightier yarn with no elasticity (of course the beading I did last night in its place made things worse as I had to ream out 1/2 the beads). I'm my own worst enemy.

7:35 AM  

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