Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Grey kinda night

Finally, the season premier of Grey's Anatomy!

I must admit, I didn't care very much about this show when it first started. Partly this was because we didn't have cable TV and the rabbit ears were so finicky that is just wasn't worth it to invest in any sort of series. My husband, being the trouper he is, stuck with the show through the static and picture distortion from day one. Perhaps this has to do with his little crush on Dr. Grey. Just sayin'. Anyway, by the end of season one, I had Dr. McDreamy fever.

Now, it's season three AND we have crossed over to the dark side of cable-land. I've got my knitting projects lined up and as long as the shop keeps closing at 8:00 pm on Thursdays, my schedule is clear.

I hope tonight's episode is a little lighter than the season finale. Flynno watched the re-run of it last night and I walked in just in time to see the last three minutes or so (after Izzy walked out of Denny's room) and that was enough to get me bawling like a school girl with a skinned knee.

Are you feeling Grey?


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