Sunday, September 03, 2006

Eye Candy - Calling all Mountain Goats

I missed Eye Candy Friday becuase I've been a photo slacker lately. Plus, I knew that on Saturday we were heading up to Mt. Rainier and I'd get some big photo ops in. Here's one:

This was on our decent from the Skyline trail - a five mile loop up the base of the mountain and back, starting from Paradise Lodge. I was thinking this would be no big thang as I love to hike. Well, this one was a bit humbling. What I didn't know was that the first mile or so would include a 1400 foot eleveation increase. On such a hot day, that first bit was an ass-kicker, but after that it was smooth sailing. Most of the great photos are on my hubbies camera - the ones where we were at the hightest point of the climb, but here's a few more for now.

Off to work a 10-hour shift in the Hilltop booth at the Indy Market at Bumbershoot. Have a great Sunday!


Blogger Caroline said...

Wendee, what beautiful pics! Did you just change the look and name of your blog, or am I just crazy?

12:05 AM  

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