Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Little Miss Sunshine

Been to see Little Miss Sunshine yet? If not, whatcha waiting for? Take a load off and prepare for some big belly laughs!

I just want to scoop up that Abigail Breslin and put her in my pocket!

If you have seen it...remember how Olive reacted to the news that she was going to be in the Little Miss Sunshine competition? Well, that was me today when I learned that I WON A BLOG CONTEST! Woo Hoo! A bag o' yan is headed from my way from Danielle. That girl's creative juices are flowing and she's documenting it all on her site!

In other news... I was warned... the Ballband Warshrags are addicting! Only after I picked out all of my colors I realized that the lime green/ hot blue combo is one of the color combos in "the book". I see that they cut their book sample with another green to tone down the "juicy" colors (as Kay likes to call them). I was thinking the green in the book looked a bit like a dark seafoam green, but the closest I could find in Sugar n' Cream was a dark sage. I wasn't too keen on that color, but I happened upon some Lion Cotton in "seaspray". Pretty good. Yet, when I started the seaspray row, I realize that it looks a bit light. Perhaps the sage would have been a better choice after all -sometimes you just can't tell until you put them all together - kind of like painting your walls I guess. Oh well, I'm still delighted with the way the colors are turning out.

And, since I couldn't get enough, I'm about 4 sets in to my blue/red combo. I found some old aluminum needles at the flea market this weekend and I thought they'd be perfect for warshrags. I really like the clicky-clicky sound they make. I'll be getting some good use out of those $2 needles! Here's a shot along with the other flea market finds:

The red/blue combo will go go nicely with the the apron I'm putting together and the lime/blue one will be gifted with the matching towels which I plan on sprucing up a bit with thread or ribbon trim.

This nifty crocheted apron was a steal - I love it - a bit bittersweet, though as I can see someone put a lot of work into it and looks as though it's never been used. Those days are over! The other things were just fun little do-dads. I have no idea why I need a rubber stamp that says "goat", but apparently at around 1:00 pm on Sunday, I couldn't live without it! The card is for my neighbor across the street - she's due any day!


Blogger Duchess said...

oh, no one can resist the pull of the dish cloths. I've done 9 all ready.
I'm happy to know I'm not the only HT gal using VINTAGE aluminum needles because they are so much fun (I love the noise as well.)
BTW Congrats on winning some Ann yarn. I hope you get the good or the random. The ugly is more scary that ugly!

11:15 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Yay for winning a contest! Isn't that so fun?

And the washrags - yep. You're just having ALL the fun! hehe

8:50 AM  

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