Saturday, August 12, 2006

Eye, Saturday?

A day late... Friday was a bear!

The completed shower!

We still have to seal the grout, but for all intensive purposes, the bathroom is done. I snapped this shot before the sink was put in, but it's just a basic pedestal sink with brushed nickel fixtures. Much better than this...

See that Sierra Nevada beer on the toilet tank? That became the vessel for the time capsule we put in the wall. We added a few pictures of us and the house and our purchase date of the house (we are only the second owners of this 1954 "Boeing Box.") We got the idea when we found this in the wall during demo... a vintage Rainier Beer bottle!

Here's a detail of the tile - our friend Tony did a great job, eh?

In knitting news, the trellis scarf has been cast off, ends woven in. I'll be taking it to Hilltop East today to block it on the blocking table. Pics to come when it's all flattened and detailed. I feel like a giant weight has been lifted now that the trellis is done!

Oh, and for good measure, here's a pre-felting shot of the "Fuzzy Feet" I'm making for my mom for Christmas - no worries - she has no idea I post from time to time.

Yarn: Nashua Wooly Stripes - 01-Viva - Just a little over two balls
Pattern followed exactly, with some length added for size (total 13" long)

I have made these slippers several times over the last couple of years. They are a quick knit and make a great gift. My mom had her eye on my sister's pair last Christmas, so this year she gets her own. One holiday gift down - this year I've vowed to avoid the frenzied November and have my projects done early - the holidays can be spent knitting things for ME!


Blogger Laura said...

Hi Wendee! Great ECF photo - what a great accomplishment to renovate your bathroom - I bet you just LOVE it now!! And those fuzzy feet will look so cool when they're felted! :)

8:17 PM  

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