Friday, August 25, 2006

Eye Candy Friday!

Oh how I love you, Farmer’s Market

One of the best things about living on Beacon Hill is that we are close to the Wednesday Columbia City Farmer’s Market. This is a weekly ritual for many Seattleites in their respective neighborhoods. There is a strong sense of community with both the regulars (chatting it up with the vendors and other neighbors) and the newbies (looking at everything, delighted by it all). I love seeing the kids wandering around with their mommies and daddies, mouths full of whatever delicious fruit is in season. And I love the seasoned farmers who will whip out their razor sharp pocket knife and cut off a piece of cucumber or peach or tomato or whatever you have your eye on and let you sample before you buy. Which brings me to THE PRODUCE! Freshly picked, mostly organic. And THE PRICES! So inexpensive and the money goes directly into the pockets of the growers - small family farms. (Those yummy sunflower bouquets are only $5!) If you have a farmers market in your town or city, I highly recommend checking it out!


Anonymous Daphne said...

Hm, I have Columbia City farmer's market envy, even though our Ballard market is just fine, thank you.

PS Hi, Wendee!

10:29 AM  

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