Friday, August 04, 2006

Eye Candy Friday!

A great way to motivate me to post is to join a ring. I love the Eye Candy Friday theme started by Purlywhites. This picture is of the planter on our front step. It's really grown together - much better than the tired pansies that occupied that space in the springtime. The planter has "Creeping Jenny", a tall grassy type plant, some chartreuse coleus, some multi-color coleus and a hummingbird plant - I don't know the official name, but I do know the hummingbirds like it. The other day I came busting out the front door and nearly ran right into our buddy "Rufus", the Rufus hummingbird that lives in our back yard. Scared the begeezus out of the both of us.

While I'm talking about the front yard, I'll present some before and after pics of the front of the steps. When we moved in to our humble abode two years ago, we were left with some nasty juniper and cypress bushes in the front yard. Sadly, I don't have a picture of the before - just the aftermath of my "trimming" last summer.

We decided to raise the bed and make a fun, circular planting.

And ta-dah! Here it is! I'm so pleased with the way it's turned out so far and I can't wait until the bushes in the back get a little bigger to hide the giant concrete steps! The little Japanese maple is really coming along - the nursery was honest in telling me that they were afraid it would die last winter, but it's survived a full year, so I think we're safe. Oh, and I need to find a better spot for my little Budda buddy - you can see him above, but now the plants have engulfed him!

On the knitting front, the trellis scarf continues to haunt me, but now the ball of Kidsilk Haze is looking really leggy, so I'm near the end!

This weekend is the big SeaFair hydroplane races at Lake Washington. The Blue Angels have been buzzing our house for their practice runs - I'll be outside watching for them on Sunday. On Saturday though, I'll by at my LYS - they are having a HUGE one year anniversary sale. Come on down! (This is for the EAST side store in Bellevue...)

Have a great weekend!


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